Abydos Explorer

This popular tour is based on an extended visit to one of the oldest and most sacred cities of Ancient Egypt.


DEPARTING 27th February 2023

We stay in the ancient city of Abydos at the House of Life Hotel for three nights, allowing plenty of time to explore the area in detail while meeting with local Inspectors. We enter the Temples of Ramesses II, Seti I, Shunet el Zebib and Kom el Sultan. Plus we have a private permit allowing us to fully explore the Osireion – a truly magical experience.

Shunet el Zebib, Egypt, Ancient World Tours
Shunet el Zebib

We have special permits from the Ministry of Antiquities allowing access to some spectacular sites.

We visit Akhmim Museum with its vast statue of Meritamun, the site of Athribis, and the newly opened Tombs at Hawawish. In Luxor we stay at The Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion Wing, and tour the temples of Ramesses II, and Seti I, Deir el Medina, the temples of Luxor and Karnak, plus we include tickets for entry to the wonderful tombs of Nefertari and Seti I.

Private entry to the Osireion via the northern access tunnel

Private entry to the Tomb of Senusret III

Entry to the wonderful tombs of Nefertari and Seti I

Along with many Abydos extras, this fabulous tour is escorted throughout by expert guide Medhat Saad and AWT tour manager Janet Shepherd.

No single supplement!


Day 1 - Monday 27th February 2023

We fly London Heathrow to Luxor and on arrival take our private transfer and check in to the Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion Wing, for two nights on room and breakfast basis.

Day 2 - Tuesday 28th February – West Bank

We take our private launch across the Nile to meet our bus and head to the Valley of the Kings. We have tickets for three tombs of your choice from those open on the day. We include the ticket for entrance to the wonderful tomb of Seti I and there is time to buy extra tickets for any other tombs open on the day. We have a relaxing local lunch and after our break we visit the calm and peaceful temple of Seti I where we see depictions of Ramesses II kneeling before his father, Seti. Then to the Ramesseum, mortuary temple of Ramesses II, where we view the toppled colossi and stunning reliefs of the Battle of Kadesh. Later in the week we will see the temples of these two Pharaohs in Abydos. Later we visit Luxor Museum. BL

Day 3 - Wednesday 1st March – Dendera

Today we leave Luxor and take the road north for Abydos. On our journey we stop at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera. Here in the fabulous Hypostyle Hall we can see the astronomical ceiling restored and cleaned to its original colour. We view the crypt, rooftop sanctuaries and allow plenty of time to walk the outer walls. We travel with a lunch box from the Winter Palace today. We continue our journey to Abydos and on arrival we make our first visit to the Temple of Seti I. We take time to view some of the most stunning reliefs to be found in all of Egypt. We also take a look at the Osireion nearby. We check in to The House of Life, a local hotel, close to the sacred temples. We are on full board at this comfortable local hotel. BLD

Day 4 - Thursday 2nd March - Anubis Mountain

Today we have a special permit to enter the Tomb of Senusret III cut in to the natural ‘pyramid’ shape hill known as Anubis Mountain. The eight hundred foot long structure cut into the hill is still being studied by a team from Penn Museum. We also take a look at the Ahmose Pyramid before returning to the hotel for lunch. This afternoon we head off to Kom el Sultan with massive mudbrick walls dedicated to Khenty-Amentiu and we have time to walk to the huge mudbrick enclosure of Shunet El Zebib dating to the 2nd Dynasty and built by Khasakhemwy. Finally, entry to the temple of Ramesses II and a look at recent excavation work. BLD

Day 5 - Friday 3rd March – Rock-cut tombs and stone temples

We drive North this morning and visit the Akhmim Open Air Museum where we find the colossal statues of Meritamun and Ramesses II. We continue to the newly opened site of Athribis where we find the remains of the last big stone temple to be built in Egypt. Dedicated to the god Min-Re, his wife the goddess Repyt and their son, restoration work is still underway. Another newly opened site awaits at el Hawawish. Here, we have the chance to enter some of the rock-cut tombs dating back to the Old Kingdom. We return to our hotel for a late lunch. Later, we have arranged a special private permit allowing access to the Osireion via the northern entrance tunnel. This is followed by our return to the hotel via the floodlit temple of Seti I. A spectacular way to say goodbye to mystical Abydos. BLD

Day 6 - Saturday 4th March – Return to Luxor

After a leisurely breakfast we check out of our hotel and head back to Luxor. On arrival we check in to the Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion wing, for two more nights. Later this afternoon we will walk to Luxor Temple for a guided tour as the sun sets over the Nile. B

Day 7 - Sunday 5th March - Nefertari

After breakfast we cross the Nile and head to the Valley of the Queens where we include tickets for the beautiful tomb of Queen Nefertari. Then we will visit Deir el Medina to view the homes and tombs of the workers and artisans who built and decorated the tombs of the great pharaohs. We have lunch at our local restaurant and then cross back to the East Bank. Our final visit of the tour will be to magnificent Karnak Temple with plenty of time to view all the main areas and look at new conservation work. B

Day 8 - Monday 6th March 2023 – Home

We take our private transfer to Luxor Airport for our direct flight to London arriving early afternoon. (B)

B = Breakfast BL = Breakfast and Lunch BD = Breakfast and Dinner BLD = Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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