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Pyramid Explorer November 2019 – tour review

Once again Pyramid Explorer lived up to its name. Thanks to Colin Reader for taking us inside many pyramids, to Medhat Saad for guiding throughout, and to all Ministry of Antiquities Inspectors who accompanied us. A big thank you to Dr Ali Bek Elsilihdar for guiding us around the rarely visited sites of Abu Ghurob and Abu Sir. […]

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Asasif Special 2019 – tour review

Asasif, Egypt, Ancient World Tours

Most of us at some point have made the walk from Hatshepsut’s Temple at Deir el-Bahri to the car park; some have even ventured in to the tombs of Pabasa, Ankhor and Kheruef. Few though have ever had the chance to enter the incredible Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs of Asasif. […]

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Abydos Explorer 2018 – tour review

Senusret III Tomb Entrance, Abydos, Egypt, Ancient World Tours

….Back to the cars and a drive across the desert to ‘Anubis Mountain’ and the Tomb of Senusret III cut into the hillside. An adventure for those with no worries of claustrophobia.We took the descending passage to the vaulted chambers before taking the robbers’ passage past the sarcophagus […]

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Missing Tombs October 2017 – tour review

The Sphinx, Ancient World Tours

The adventure began in Cairo where we were based at the luxury Mena House Hotel and we headed straight off to the Giza Plateau with the chance to enter pyramids , mastabas and of course the solar boat Museum.
We could not leave Cairo without a visit to the Egyptian

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Ancient World Luxor Conference 2016

Dr Mustafa Waziri, Ancient World Tours, Luxor Conference, 2016

Dr Mustafa Waziri , Director General of Antiquities of Upper Egypt, gave the first talk. He was very positive and enthusiastic and gave us details of new finds, newly opened tombs, updates on conservation and forthcoming plans, including a proposal to have entry to the Open Air Museum and Karnak Temple as a single ticket. […]

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Pyramid Explorer 2016 – tour review

Bent Pyramid, Egypt, Ancient World Tours

A welcome return to Cairo for our AWT Pyramid Explorer group. Based at the luxury Mena House Hotel our guests were treated to spectacular site visits and special permits from the Ministry of Antiquities to visit areas closed to the general public. […]

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The Long Nile Cruise 2015 – tour review

SS Misr, Egypt, Long Cruise, Ancient World Tours, Slide Show

Our privately chartered 5-star deluxe vessel, the SS Misr was built in 1918 and was once owned by King Farouk. She boasts exquisite public rooms and the friendliest, most efficient staff on the river. Our Luxury cruiser has just 24 cabins, including 8 suites. […]

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Ancient World Conference 2014

Ancient World Conference 2014 Brompton Oratory

St Wilfrid’s Hall was the venue for our annual Ancient World Conference. This year we had just one full day of lectures. Our speakers included; Laurent Bavay, Pierre Tallet, Steve Cross, Chris Taunton and Jay Carver.
Peter Allingham, MD of Ancient World Tours, greeted our delegates […]

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