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Perge, Turkey, Ancient World Tours


Gebal Moussa, Ancient World Tours
Gebal Moussa

A 9-day tour rich in archeological sites, our Egyptology group flew to Cairo to visit the Giza plateau’s Sphinx, Valley Temple of Khafre and Great Pyramids.

Next four-wheel-drive vehicles transported them south into the Memphite Necropolis where they explored the step-pyramid complex of Sakkara, the Red pyramid of Dashur, the Black Pyramid of Amenemhat and the Bent Pyramid and its valley temple. Leaving Cairo for the Eastern Delta, they explored the excavations of Qantir and Tell ed-Daba, and the royal tombs and Temple of Amun at Tanis.

After overnighting by the Suez Canal, they visited Tell el-Ratabah (biblical Pithom) and Tell el-Maskhuta (biblical Succoth) before crossing the Suez Canal by underground tunnel. Heading off into the Sinai wilderness, the group camped for 2 nights and explored the Temple of Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim, experienced sunrise on the Mountain of God and a visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery. A wonderful day and night relaxing by the pool at Sharm el-Sheik finished off this memorable tour.


Marrakech, Ancient World Tours

This 7-day tour for a professional association provided fascinating insight into the bustling and magical city of Cairo. Concentrating on arts and crafts – particularly textiles, it also added in some archeological and historical sites, starting with the Great Treasury at the Cairo Museum. Next the rambling bazaar of Khan el-Khalili and its fascinating workshops showed our group the art of Egyptian tent and towel making. A morning was then spent at the Giza Plateau, followed by a visit to a traditional carpet factory and the famous textile village of Kerdassa. A free day was given to browse Cairo’s fabulous array of textile shops, with a lunch organized at Heliopolis. Next a day spent in Old Cairo and its Coptic quarter, with visits to the Coptic museum, a beautiful historic house with a private collection of furnishings and a trip to a cotton museum. The group’s last day featured a relaxing morning by the pool, a convivial lunch at the Naguib-Mahfouz restaurant and a final trip to the historic house Beit Haraway and the outstanding craft centre at Bataneya. Our group left Cairo thoroughly satisfied and their suitcases full!


Lourve, Paris, Ancient World Tours
The Lourve

This 8-day school tour combined general WW2 history and for some older students, History of Art. Sailing to Caen, the group explored the Normandy D-day beaches and the famous Pointe du Hoc, where US rangers scaled 100 metre-high cliffs. The group also visited the US and UK war cemeteries and made museum trips to Arromanches, where remains of the allies’ artificial harbour are still visible, and the moving Peace Exhibition at Caen. Next we made our way south to the charming town of Tours, our base in the Loire Valley to visit the Renaissance chateau at Chambord, Chenonceau and Amboise. In the evenings we organized specially supervised activities including an alcohol-free disco. Finally we made our way to Paris via a visit to Fontainebleau, completing our Renaissance Architecture studies. In Paris we enjoyed a night-time trip to the Eiffel Tower and a morning at the Louvre museum viewing 17th century art, before taking the late afternoon Eurostar train back to London.


Kom Ombo, Ancient World
Kom Ombo

Having chosen Egypt for a general educational tour, we provided spectacular monuments and contemporary culture for this group of older students. Flying into Luxor, they explored the West Bank’s Theban Necropolis, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Next they took a Nile cruise to Edfu to see the Temple of Horus and Kom Ombo, overnighting in Aswan. The High Dam, the unfinished obelisk and lovely temple of Philae followed by sailing in a Felucca to see the botanical garden and Agha Khan Mausoleum. They then flew to Cairo for the Giza Plateau complex and the Sphinx, with an afternoon trip to Sakkara and its step-pyramid. They finished their 8-day trip with a visit to the Egyptian Museum, the citadel of Saladin and the Mohamed Ali Mosque. We organized a final evening at a famous jazz club to give these students a taste of Cairo’s vibrant modern-day nightlife before leaving for the UK.


Etna, Ancient World Tours
Mount Etna

Arriving in Palermo, the tour visited the Royal Palace, archaeology museum and the Capuchin Convent catacombs, and the Norman cathedral at Monreale. Heading next for magnificent remains at Selinunte, they stopped en route at the isolated hilltop temple of Segesta, the maritime ruins at Erice and visited the ruins on the island of Motya. At Selinunte, they explored this major classical site of the world, including the incredibly well-preserved Temple of Concord.

Next they explored the Roman Villa at Piazza Armenira, the Hellenistic remains at Morgantina and travelled onto the ancient city of Syracuse, where the tour explored the Greek theatre, temples and visited its archaeology museum and cathedral. A fascinating drive through heart-breaking scenery took them to the gorge of Pantalica and its prehistoric cliff-hewn tombs.

Descending from the mountains to the coastal plane, the group ended their jam-packed 9-day tour at Taormina, where they spent a day relaxing or taking up the option to visit Mount Etna before returning home.


We were able to put together an exciting programme for this large private group, a regular client, combining in-depth site visits in the morning to compliment our Cairo Egyptology conference taking place in the afternoons.

Giza Plateau, Ancient World Tours
Giza Plateau

The 8-day tour began with an introduction to the treasures of the Cairo Museum and a trip to Sakkara and its famous step-pyramid. We then dedicated a whole morning to Giza, including a special private visit to the first Dynasty Necropolis and Workmen’s Village.

A full day in the Nile Delta gave the group an opportunity to explore the fascinating and ancient cities of Avaris and Pi-Ramess, and then they headed South West for an exploration of the pyramids and mastabas at Dashur, Meidum and the very rarely visited Lisht. Following a morning at leisure in Cairo, the group enjoyed the conference’s final day forum, not to mention the gala dinner.


Their tour offered a comprehensive survey of Egypt’s sites – some off the beaten track, covering considerable distances comfortably. The 10-day tour flew to Cairo to visit the Cairo Museum, Dashur and Sakkara as well as enjoy the Sound and Light Show at Giza.

Ashmunein, Ancient World Tours

Alexandria followed with visits to the so-called Pompey pillar, the catacombs of Kom el Shugafa and the Museum. Next they drove to their base in Middle Egypt, el-Minya, where they explored archaeology sites at Karanis, Sheikh Ibada (Antinoopolis), Ashmunein and Tuna el Gebel. A train journey then took them south to Aswan on the Nile, where they sailed to the island of Philae and the Temple of Isis, as well as visiting the excellent Nubia Museum.

Edfu Temple, Ancient World Tours
Edfu Temple

A final coach journey to Luxor and the West Bank finished off their trip, with comprehensive explorations of the Temple of Horus at Edfu and in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu and the Colossi of Memnon.


Eclipse, Ancient World Tours

Our astronomy tours provided perfect dark skies for observing the heavens as well as unforgettable viewing locations. The itinerary below shows you how we mix star-gazing and heritage.

A 12-day tour flew to Beijing to visit the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, and then flew on to Urumqi and transferred at Turpan to explore the old oasis city. From there visits to ancient ruins, Buddhist caves and irrigation systems on the edge of the mighty Taklimakan desert.

Terracotta Army, Ancient World Tours
Terracotta Army

The tour then continued to the pleasant town of Hami, the base for the eclipse. On the eclipse day, groups drove to the Yiwu area and the chosen eclipse site. From Hami the journey skirted the Gobi Desert and transferred to Dunhuang for more wonderful sightseeing at the famous grottoes and lakes of the region. From there, the group flied to Xian to visit the legendary terracotta warriors, returning back to the UK the next day.


An 11-day expedition for a private group wanting something different, we provided fascinating adventure and Saharan Rock Art in Libya’s undiscovered landscapes.

Leptis Magna, Ancient World Tours
Leptis Magna

Flying to Tripoli to visit the Museum and Souk, the group then drove out to visit the great coastal Roman city ruins of Leptis Magna. They joined their safari team and headed into the Sahara dunes and archaeology of the desert lakes to camp overnight.

Next they visited Germa, its mysterious Garamantian cemeteries and pyramids, before camping for the night and exploring the unique prehistoric art. Travelling on to the amazing petroglyphs of Wadi Mathendush, they then camped at Iwan Kaza for more spectacular art.

Libyan Rock Art, Ancient World Tours
Libyan Rock Art

Next came the mysterious Akakus Mountains and its prehistoric art, as well time in the region’s beautiful nature. Our group then left the desert, staying en route at Sebha before flying back North to Tripoli to connect with an international flight.

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