History of Egypt Podcast Tour

Day 1 - Cairo b

Guests arrive on individual flights.
Tour operator meets each guest at airport and provides transfer to our hotel.
Stay at Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel for three nights.
Airport transfer, room and breakfast included.

Day 2 - Cairo bl

Morning: the Great Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx.
Afternoon: the Egyptian Museum (Tahrir Square).
Breakfast and lunch provided. Optional extras: the Khufu Boat museum; entry to the Great Pyramid.

Day 3 - Cairo bl

Morning: Necropolis of Saqqara including the Step Pyramid of Djoser, New Kingdom tombs (Horemheb and Maya), mastaba of Kagemni; entry to pyramids of Unas and Teti.
Afternoon: the pyramids of Sneferu at Dahshur (Bent and Red Pyramid).
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 4 - Minya bld

Morning: Drive to Minya, stopping at the Tombs of Beni Hassan (Middle Kingdom) en route.
Stay at Nefertiti Hotel for one night.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

Day 5 - Minya bl

Morning: the City of Amarna, all landmarks including the royal tomb of Akhenaten.
Afternoon: drive from Minya to Abydos.
Stay at House of Life Hotel for two nights.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

Day 6 - Abydos bld

Full day: Abydos. Temples of Sety I and Ramesses II; Old Kingdom ruins at Kom el-Sultan and the Enclosure of Khasekhemwy (Second Dynasty).
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

Day 7 - Abydos/Luxor bl

Morning: Drive to Luxor, stopping at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera.
Stay at the Old Winter Palace, Garden Pavilion Wing for four nights.
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 8 - Luxor bl

Morning: the Colossi of Memnon (Amunhotep III); the Valley of the Kings including entry to the tomb of Sety I; the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari.
Afternoon: the House of Howard Carter including a replica of Tut’ankhamun’s tomb; the Ramesseum (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses II).
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 9 - Luxor bl

Morning: the Valley of the Queens including entry to the tomb of Nefertari; the Workers’ Village of Deir el-Medina; the Temple of Medinet Habu (Ramesses III); private tombs of Sen-nefer, Ramose and others.
Evening: Luxor Temple, guided tour by night.
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 10 - Luxor b

Morning: Karnak Temple, guided tour and free roaming.
Free afternoon.
Evening: Luxor Museum by night.
Breakfast provided.

Day 11 - Luxor/Aswan bl

Drive to Aswan, stopping at Gebel el-Silisila.
Stay at the Movenpick Hotel, Elephantine Island for three nights.
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 12 - Aswan b

Morning: the Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut; temple of Isis at Philae.
Afternoon: the island of Elephantine.
Evening: the Nubian Museum.
Breakfast provided.

Day 13 - Aswan bl

Full day: the Temples of Abu Simbel, day trip by bus.
Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 14 - Aswan/Cairo b

Morning: fly to Cairo – flight is included.
Stay at Le Meridien Hotel, Cairo Airport for one night.
Breakfast provided.
Guests depart on individual flights, as booked (suggested to book for following morning/day).

B = Breakfast BL = Breakfast and Lunch BD = Breakfast and Dinner BLD = Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

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