The AWT 2025 Long Nile Cruise with Dr Salima Ikram

Cairo to Aswan – The Journey South


DEPARTING 15th April 2025

We travel in true AWT style there are no galabeya parties; there is no musak; there are no quizzes and only AWT passengers, like-minded travellers enjoying the serene beauty of the Nile.

Nile Panorama

Our privately chartered 5-star deluxe vessel, the SS Misr was built in 1918 and was once owned by King Farouk. She boasts exquisite public rooms and the friendliest, most efficient staff on the river. Our Luxury cruiser has just 24 cabins, including 8 suites, offering the very highest standard of comfort, service, cuisine and hygiene. This fourteen-night cruise is full board throughout and this wonderful itinerary sailing the length of the Nile will be remembered for years to come.

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The Nile
Of course our world famous expert Dr Salima Ikram will be on hand to give us all the latest news on her work in Egypt.
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Day 1 - Tuesday 15th April 2025

Fly London to Cairo with EgyptAir. On arrival in Cairo our local agents will assist with Visa and immigration and then we will make the short journey to the first class Meridien Hotel at the airport where we check in for one night on room and breakfast basis.

Day 2 - Wednesday 16th April – The Great Pyramid and Mighty Sphinx

Today we head to the Giza Plateau and admire the Great Pyramid and the mighty Sphinx. We then have lunch at a local restaurant with amazing views of the Plateau. Next, we head to the Grand Egyptian Museum with free time to wander through this amazing new Museum. After an exciting first day we transfer to our luxury cruiser the S/S Misr. This elegant, 5-star steam vessel, fully restored and air-conditioned, still retains its 19th century character and will be our home for the next fourteen nights on full board basis.

Day 3 - Thursday 17th April - Saqqara

A grand start to our tour as this morning we head to Saqqara where we plan a full day to explore this vast complex. Entry to the Step Pyramid, the Serapeum, Old Kingdom Mastabas and much more. We will take a refreshing lunch break at the Sakkara Palm Club.

Day 4 - Friday 18th April - Sailing

Today is a wonderfully relaxing day on the river as we sail from Cairo towards the city of Beni Suef where we overnight. This is a day to sit on deck and watch the ever-changing riverbanks as our captain navigates the river Nile.

Day 5 - Saturday 19th April - Meidum Pyramid

We begin our day exploring the spectacular Meidum Pyramid and the mud-brick-built ‘mastaba 17’ nearby. There will be time to enter the pyramid for those who wish. We return to Misr for lunch and sail on for Minya where we moor for the night.

Day 6 - Sunday 20th April - Beni Hassan and Tuna el Gebel

We drive to Beni Hassan this morning. We climb the escarpment for spectacular views and visit the superbly decorated rock-cut tomb-chapels of the local governors of the area. We return to the cruiser for lunch and then this afternoon we visit the site of the Catacombs and the Tomb of Petosiris at Tuna el Gebel. Finally, Ashmunein with its open-air museum. This evening we sail to Amarna.

Day 7 - Monday 21st April - Akhenaten's city of Amarna

An exploration of the enigma that is Amarna, the ruined capital city of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti, is a wonderful experience. We will visit the Royal Tomb of Akhenaten and the Southern and Northern Tombs too. There will be time also for the central city and the Great Temple of The Aten. We spend the day at this incredible site with a light lunch provided by Misr at the Amarna Rest House. We overnight at Tel el Amarna.

Day 8 - Tuesday 22nd April - Sailing to Asyut

A day to relax on the River Nile as we sail towards Asyut. This is a great opportunity for some serious birdwatching, reading and taking afternoon tea on the sundeck. There will be illustrated talks at various points throughout the cruise. We moor at Asyut for the night.

Day 9 - Wednesday 23rd April - Sailing to Sohag

Another day of calm, enjoying the comfort of SS Misr and the delights of the River Nile. It is easy to conjure up images of ancient Egyptian life on this part of the Nile where little seems to have changed. We moor overnight at Sohag.

Day 10 - Thursday 24th April - Mystical Abydos

We sail towards Balyana and after breakfast we make the short coach journey to the spectacular Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Here we see some of the finest reliefs in Egypt including the famous ‘King List’. There will be time to view the intriguing Osireion before we return to our cruiser and sail via the Nag Hammadi Bridges to our overnight stop at Qena.

Day 11 - Friday 25th April - Dendera Temple

We travel by road to the Ptolemaic Temple of Dendera which was dedicated to the goddess Hathor. In the Hypostyle Hall we can now see the astronomical ceiling, gloriously restored to its original colours. This afternoon we sail on to Luxor where we moor for two nights.

Day 12 - Saturday 26th April – Ancient Thebes

We visit the Valley of the Kings where we have entry tickets to three of the tombs of your choice open on the day. Optional tickets will be available for the Tombs of Seti I, Ramesses VI and Tutankhamun. We move on to the impressive Ramesseum, mortuary temple of Ramesses II, where we view the fallen colossi that inspired Shelly’s Ozymandias. As we return to the Misr for lunch, we enjoy a brief stop at the Colossi of Memnon. Later we visit Luxor Temple and Luxor Museum.

Day 13 - Sunday 27th April - Karnak

This morning we explore the Temple of Amun at Karnak. This vast site, one of the largest religious complexes in the world, is full of delights. From the vast hypostyle hall to the beautifully laid out open air museum, Karnak never fails to thrill. We visit the main elements of the temple and explore some hidden corners too. This afternoon we sail on towards Aswan.

Day 14 - Monday 28th April - Kom Ombo

At a strategic bend in the river we find Kom Ombo and there we have a chance to visit the lovely Ptolemaic Temple of Haroeris and Sobek. Approaching the temple by river is a grand highlight of any cruise. After our visit we continue to Aswan where we dock for two nights.

Day 15 - Tuesday 29th April - Temple of Isis

Today we visit the Temple of Philae built by Ptolemaic and Roman rulers to honour the cult of Isis. We also visit the Unfinished Obelisk set in its open-air museum. Later we explore the beautifully laid out Nubia Museum. Tonight, we enjoy a farewell dinner and time to say goodbye to all the staff and friends we have made while on board the Misr.

Day 16 - Wednesday 30th April - Aswan to Cairo

After breakfast we make the short trip by launch across the Nile to visit the Tombs of the Nobles at Kubbet el Hawa. After a relaxing lunch back on Misr we head to Aswan Airport for our flight to Cairo. On arrival in Cairo, we check in to the Meridien hotel for the night allowing for a civilized start to our journey home the next day.

Day 17 - Thursday 1st May 2025 - Homeward Bound

We make the short journey into the International Terminal and check in for our direct flight home to London.

We are delighted that Dr Salima Ikram will be our accompanying expert on this wonderful journey sailing the River Nile. Salima is Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo. She has been project director of many missions in Egypt including the Animal Mummy Project, the North Kharga Darb Ain Amur Survey and the Valley of the Kings KV10/KV63 project. During the cruise Salima will share news on her latest work and past projects in Egypt.

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Fully Booked

The AWT 2025 Long Nile Cruise

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