Ancient World Conference 2009

University College London 12/13th September 2009

AWT in conjunction with The Friends of The Petrie Museum, presented a series of illustrated lectures from an exciting panel of experts, covering a range of fascinating and absorbing subjects. We delved from prehistory, to the latest discoveries, examining archaeology and history from new and intriguing angles, all over the course of a long weekend. A donation was made made to the Friends of the Petrie Museum for every ticket sold.

Dr Sabry Abd el-Aziz
We were delighted to be joined by Dr Sabry of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo. He updated us on the latest discoveries in Egypt, where he is responsible for all Pharaonic sites.

Michael Wood
Alexander’s greatest battle’
Alexander and Darius – using new evidence, journeying through Syria and Iraq to pin down the site of the battle of Gaugamela.

Rosalie David
‘Mummies and medicine: the contribution of modern science’
Scientific analysis of Egyptian mummies and artefacts, at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, is producing startling evidence of everyday lifestyle.

Stephen Quirke
The workforce on Petrie excavations and their profile, from 1880 to the present day’
Exploring the lives of the men, women and children, who made Petrie’s long career in Egypt not only possible, but so resoundingly successful.

Dirk Huyge
‘The Late Palaeolithic rock art of Qurta’ The discovery of new rock art sites close to the Kom Ombo Plain, quite unlike any known rock art in Egypt and likened to European Ice Age art.

Lucia Gahlin
‘Purity and order in an ancient Egyptian household’
An exploration of the private religious lives of families, especially women, as they coped with the mysteries of the human life cycle.

Chris Naunton
‘The history of Egyptology – EES and beyond’
The EES archives are an invaluable resource for the history of Egyptology. A look at the material and the new initiatives designed to complement it.

Colin Reader
‘Explorations in the Egyptian Eastern Desert’
Discovering the many facets of the Desert spanning an unimaginable period of geological time looking at ancient quarries, mines and rock art.

Caroline Wilkinson
‘The facial analysis of ancient Egyptians’
iscussion of the techniques, accuracy and applications of forensic facial reconstruction of Ancient Egyptians.

Paul Collins
‘Religion and kingship at the Assyrian capital of Nimrud’
Exploration of some of the greatest sculptures from antiquity: the stone reliefs from the Assyrian capital of Nimrud in northern Iraq.

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